Who We Are

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to protecting the life and liberty of a disabled woman. Along with Terri's immediate family, the Foundation works to make the truth about Terri's case known in order to protect her and others like her.

Our Immediate Needs

Financial contributions to help pay for the extensive legal costs that her appeal will require. This is Terri's greatest need.Support from those who believe that her life is sacred to help spread the word. For any grass roots campaign to be successful, people have to know what is happening.

By writing the media about how we feel, we can encourage them to provide more coverage about Terri and spread the word even further.

Pressure on Government Officials on two major issues. The first, of course, is Terri's current situation. The second is for reform of the state's and nation's guardian laws, which can exclude a child's parents from a decision which can mean life or death.

If you recovered from brain damage caused by lack of oxygen, or are a doctor who has worked with a patient under these conditions, and can help us would you please contact us. We need your help.

Our Goals

  • To aid Terri and her immediate family by providing the resources they need to protect Terri from a court-ordered dehydration and starvation death.
  • To cause a change in the guardian laws that bring about a situation like Terri's. Current guardian laws can allow a spouse to have complete control over a loved-one's life and death and can clear the path for euthanasia of that loved-one, against the immediate family's objections.
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