Judicial Tyranny by Dr. D. James Kennedy.
Published at Center for Reclaiming America – May 6, 2004

“This order will prevent the governor’s office from seeking additional information from witnesses, which also prevents a much desired interview with Michael Schiavo. Ken Connor, the governor’s attorney, argued that such questioning is necessary because lawmakers were uncomfortable with Michael Schiavo’s motives” – Click here for full story

The Assault on Terri Schiavo Continues by Wesley J. Smith
Published at Daily Standard – April 30, 2004

“Over the years (Judge) Greer has repeatedly allowed Michael to shirk his legal mandate as guardian to file annual prospective “guardianship plans,” specifying his proposal for providing for Terri’s medical and social needs for the coming year.” – Click here for full story

How much is Terri Schiavo’s life worth? by Doug Bandow
Published at townhall.com – April 12, 2004

“Michael Schiavo, her parents, the state of Florida, and advocacy groups continue to fight over her future. Alas, she keeps losing where it matters most, in court.” – Click here for full story

Who Speaks for Terri Schiavo? by Jan Warner and Jan Collins
Published in the Tampa Tribune – April 13, 2004

“Because the legislature of Florida created guardianships to be administered by the courts, judges are mandated to strictly comply with the dictates of the law. But Judge Greer hasn’t.” – Click here for full story

The Rule of Terri’s Case Strikes Again by Wesley J. Smith
Published at The Daily Standard – January 30, 2004

“And now Judge Greer has repeatedly allowed Michael Schiavo to skirt his statutory duty to file mandatory annual guardianship plans to establish a ward’s approved plan of care for the coming year. This appears to be a direct violation of the applicable Florida Statutes…”- Click here for full story

Judge Denies Terri Schiavo’s Parents Right to Her Medical Info by Steven Ertelt
Published at lifenews.com – March 30, 2004

“Mary Schindler told WorldNetDaily that she felt Judge Greer would never find Michael in contempt of court because it would require moving him as Terri’s guardian — something Greer won’t do.”- Click here for full story

Mercy in Florida? by Wesley J. Smith
Published at The Daily Standard – February 17, 2004

“The Court ruled that Judge Baird did not properly follow the law, both when he refused the Schindler’s request to become parties to the lawsuit filed against Bush and when he prevented Governor Bush from taking depositions.”- Click here for full story

Judges can make mistakes by Ann Coulter
Published at townhall.com – November 13, 2003

“Judge Greer’s finding on Terri’s wishes may be immune from legal review, but it’s not immune from criticism. He’s a finder of fact – he’s not God. A few years ago, Judge Greer found that Helene Ball McGee did not have reasonable cause to believe domestic violence was imminent and denied her an order of protection. Two weeks later, Mrs. McGee was stabbed to death by her husband. So judges can make mistakes.”- Click here for full story

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