Terri and Bobby in Confirmation
Terri and Bobby in Confirmation

Throughout the struggles of Terri Schindler-Schiavo and her family’s fight to preserve her life, faith has played an important role.

Terri is a Catholic woman and her spirituality has always been an important part of her life.

Though not all members of the Catholic Church have spoken for Terri, many have.

Read what they have had to say about this life and death struggle.

Erring on the side of Life

Catholic Medical Association Statement – 02/19/05
Saving Terri’s Life; My Journey with the Schindlers
by Fr. Robert Johansen
Terri Schiavo and Church Teaching At Risk
From The Catholic Media Coalition
Pope’s Statement on Assisted Sustenance
Prayer Cards for Terri
Fr. Flannery rebuts Fr. Gerard Murphy’s flawed testimony during Terri’s trial
02-05-04 – Vigils begin again for Terri in Clearwater
01-08-04 – Message from the Pope
Quality of Society’s Life Gauged by Care of Disabled
11-12-03 – Commentary from Father Frank Pavone
Terri Schiavo is a test for us all.
11-07-03 – Bishop Vasa’s Statement on Terri Schiavo
An issue of life.
10-31-03 – Vigils Resume
Prayer vigils for Terri continue
10-16-03 – Catholic Media Coalition
Statement condemning euthanasia of Terri Schindler-Schiavo
10-05-03 -Bishop Raymond L. Burke
The Bishop’s position on Terri’s right to live

Deadly Silence

08-24-03 – Letter to Florida Bishops
Volunteer’s letter to Florida Bishops
Deafening Silence
Startling article by Jeff Johnson of CNS News
The Florida Bishops
Opinion cartoon from famous artist, Russmo

Religious Freedom?

10-19-03 Terri Denied Communion
from NewsMax

Share a Prayer

Share a prayer with Terri. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, the power of prayer and hope can give tremendous strength to the people who care for this young woman. You can be a part of the many people who have joined in faith that Terri will be protected and given the chance at life again. Click here to share your prayer.

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