Jeb Bush has the authority to save Terri

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On Wednesday, Mar. 23, Alan Keyes told Sean Hannity that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is authorized by the Florida and national constitutions to intervene and spare brain-damaged Terri Schiavo from starvation.

“The governor at any point has the right to intervene,” said Keyes. “And if he fails to act, he is failing to do his duty.”

Unfortunately, Keyes noted, the courts have argued for years that “they are, in a sense, the makers of the law, and above the law, and that once they speak, nobody gets to do anything. That’s not true.”

“I think the arrogance of the courts has become pretty normal now, and the main reason is because we’ve allowed certain powers, including the power of judicial review, to go unchecked.”

Keyes continued, “I mean, we are dealing with a branch of government that feels that there is no force in the government, whether at the state or the federal level, that can control them.”

“This is wrong,” Keyes said, “and is destroying the integrity of our system of constitutional self-government.”

Alluding to the Terri Schiavo case, Keyes asked:

“If the executive looks at an action by the judiciary, compares it to the requirements of the Florida constitution in this case, and finds the judiciary wanting, is the executive obliged by his oath to accept that and allow the Constitution to be harmed? Or is he obliged by his oath to defend and protect the integrity of the Constitution? I think the answer is clear.”

Keyes stressed that “one of the reasons, under the American system, we give executive power to a single executive–rather than to a deliberative body, or a plural executive, or some judicial-type executive (which had existed in the past)–is so that the executive can act expeditiously, and that long delay will not result in permanent and irreversible damage to the citizens or the Constitution.”

He urged Gov. Bush to act quickly to save Terri.

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