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For Immediate Release – 03-24-05 12:00 PM (GMT-5)

Director of Forensic Medial Unit Claims Foul Play in Terri Schiavo Case

Clearwater, FL – Copy of two letters follow that describe immediate need for protective investigation of Terri Schiavo. Taken from emails.

March 24, 2005
Dr. Craddock,

Terri Schiavo’s condition is consistent with attempted strangulation. Her healthy heart functioning for the last 12 years is not consistent with a “heart attack from an eating disorder” having ever occurred.

Disallowing replacement of the feeding tube in this woman is homicide.

Critical facts in plain view must have time to be reviewed. This can be accomplished in 7 days.


George Eddington McClane, M.D.
Director – Forensic Medical Unit – Department of the Family Justice Center
City of San Diego

March 23, 2005
Dear Dr. McClane,

I am writing you in hopes that you will assist me on two issues. My consulting partner and I were engaged almost two years ago by legal counsel for the Schindler family. Their request of us was to examine all 15 years of Terri’s medical files in order to develop a profile of her course of treatment (or lack thereof) from the time of her collapse to the present. We have also consulted on several of the abuse and neglect issues in the case. While I have some limited training in forensic dentistry, my primary experience lies in legal and forensic analysis of medical charting and records. Ms. Ford’s expertise lies in over 25 years of nursing and nurse management, medical administration, and case management of thousands of patients through her own company in Seattle. She has been recognized by legislators in Washington State as an expert in Medicare and Medicaid regulations and regulation of skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

At this point, we feel we have uncovered enough evidence surrounding the incident that led to her collapse, the medical records of her treatment and misdiagnosis, and the clinical proof of her injuries (which were extensive), that we feel certain that the case could be worked backward from this information to a crime scene scenario that would fully explain her injuries and her subsequent recovery to her current state.

Thank you,
J. E. Craddock, D.D.S.

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