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A First Visit With Terri Schiavo in Her Hospice Room

Terri Schiavo is very much alive and responsive. That is what lawyers for Robert and Mary Schindler saw when they visited Terri Schiavo in her room at the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, FL, on Christmas Eve.

Attorney David Gibbs III and Attorney Barbara Weller, of Gibbs Law Firm in Seminole, FL, took on the role of lead counsel for the Schindlers in September of 2004. The Christmas Eve visit was the first time either of the attorneys had been able to see Terri since taking the case. They made the visit with Terri’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, and members of her immediate family.

Counsel was able to personally verify the fact that Terri is not in a coma or even in a comatose state. She was purposefully interactive, curious and expressive with her parents during the entire 45-minute visit. Mrs. Weller wrote a moving narrative describing in detail her reactions and observations during this visit. (Mrs. Weller’s narrative is available online at

Call the Gibbs Law Firm Media Director, Mr. Keith Brickell, at O:727-399-8300 or C:727-458-4824 to arrange an interview with Attorney David Gibbs III or Attorney Barbara Weller. He can be reached by email: [email protected]

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation is the official organization responsible for speaking on behalf of the Schindler family. For more information and background on the case, visit the foundation’s website at

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